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Caravan Full Refurbishment inside and out!

Here's a great story of a much-loved Caravan.  The owners loved everything about it, size layout etc, but knew it was time to upgrade to a new one!

After an extensive search, nothing quite suited them, and it seem silly to spend so much on something that was not 'perfect' for them.

So, this is where Foothills RV Centre came to the rescue, Martin sat down with the owners and soon worked out their exact needs and requirements.

Almost everything has been re-done inside and out, everything designed to the customers needs and requirements, and keeping to the agreed budget, they now have a wonderful 'new' caravan, at a fraction of the cost of a new caravan.  But best of all, it's all exactly how they want it...

Truly blessed to be able to make your customers day, breathing new life into their 'Pride and Joy'!

The end result is back to 'new' perfection!  As good as new, or Better!

Scroll through the pictures below to see the rebuild transformation.

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